Beijing Grand Bridge

The 5th bridge on the list is another railway viaduct in China no surprise there right.  There is very little information about the bridge but here is what we know.  The name of the bridge is Beijing Grand Bridge it is 29.921 miles long or 48.153 kilometers, it is located in Beijing, China and is part of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway it was completed in 2010 like the others on this line but not opened until 2011, and as you can guess it is one of the longest bridge’s in the world the longest span of this bridge is 144 feet.

Bang Na Expressway

The 4th bridge in this series is already on the site and in one of our other series the Bridge series it is Bang Na Expressway

Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge

Table of contents for Longest Bridges

  1. Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge
  2. Tianjin Grand Bridge
  3. Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge
  4. Bang Na Expressway
  5. Beijing Grand Bridge

The third bridge list the first two is also in China and is also a viaduct for high speed rail.   Seems like these days China is king when it comes to bridges although this is not a bridge with a highway it is still a bridge and the 3rd longest in the world currently coming in at 49.5 miles, 79,732 m (261,588 ft) approximately 80 kilometers.

The Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge (渭南渭河特大桥) is a part of the Zhengzhou–Xi’an High-Speed Railway which connects Zhengzhou and Xi’an, in China.  The bridge crosses the Wei River twice, as well as many other rivers, highways and railways.  This bridge was once the longest bridge in the world but not for long, as the other two new bridges on Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway that completed in 2010.  The bridge was completed in 2008 but the railway line itself did not open until February 6, 2010

Tianjin Grand Bridge

The second bridge on the list is another bridge built in China and comes in at a whopping 70.6 miles or 113.7 kilometers which at the moment also makes it the second largest bridge in the world.  The Tianjin Grand Bridge is another railway viaduct bridge.  This long bridge connects Langfang and Qingxian on another high speed railway, the length of the bridge in feet is 373,000 and in meters 113,700.   This bridge has small suspended portions with the remaining long portions being regular beam bridges.

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

Table of contents for Longest Bridges

  1. Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge
  2. Tianjin Grand Bridge
  3. Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge
  4. Bang Na Expressway
  5. Beijing Grand Bridge

This new series will be on the longest bridges in the world, as of today July 13th 2011.  Again when you think of steel buildings most people think high rises, warehouse’s, sheds, steel homes ect.,  you’re not thinking about bridges, but this site is more then just about steel buildings, it is about buildings and structures rather it be steel, concrete, glass, wiring ect.  if we find it interesting, and think that you will as well, we will write about it. in any case almost every bridge is a steel structure or has steel in them,  in the form of cables, rebar, or the actual skeleton of the bridge or frame if you will, is made from steel so they do fit this site’s theme

Ok so lets talk about the first bridge in this series Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge this bridge is for rail traffic in fact it is for one of chinas fast rails or bullet trains just proves they are definitly series about high speed rail in china. 

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge is 102.4 miles long or 164.8 kilometres it is a rail viaduct located on the line between Shanghai and Nanjing in East China’s Jiangsu province, part of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway.

In June 2011 it was added to the Guinness World Records as the longest bridge in the world. The bridge was completed in 2010 but was not opened until 2011.  It includes a 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) long bridge over water that crosses Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou.

To answer everyone that is wondering how much concrete and steel was used on this bridge . that will have to come in the future as I do not have that info.  Longest span 80 metres (260 ft).  The construction of the bridge took 4 years and had a labor force of 10,000 workers at a cost of $8.5 Billion U.S. dollars.

The Austonian

I can’t find any information on how much steel or concrete was used in this great Steel Building.   Anyways here is some information about the building.

Just a few minutes away from the State Capitol, The Austonian is within walking distance of more than 100 restaurants and nightclubs, dozens of cultural attractions and parks, as well as a tantalizing abundance of clothing and furniture boutiques. Daily needs, conveniences and indulgences are just an elevator ride away. Man-made convenience is complemented by the natural advantages of Lady Bird Lake—a block away—for a challenging run or casual stroll, or for admiring the beauty of Austin from ground level.

the austonian


Management Company
Resident Service and Satisfaction Association Management, Inc.

“Whatever the residents want!”
The Austonian Homeowners Association will be directed by David Regenbaum, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Association Management, Inc.

In 1979, David Regenbaum, a recognized expert in real estate and community association law in South Africa, retired from the law firm he founded and moved to Houston to found AMI. His objective was to set a new, exemplary standard for professional management services to associations.

Now, AMI has become the leading association management company in Texas, continuing to innovate, develop, and set new standards for the industry.

AMI provides a dedicated, professional team of people to attend to the needs of each community. Each team includes an administrator, a full-charge bookkeeper and a service counselor/administrative assistant. These teams provide high-quality, personalized service to individual communities as a small company would, while bringing to bear the resources of a large company.

The Austonian will join the ranks of AMI-managed luxury properties such as Bentwater, Carlton Woods, Gotham Lofts, Royalton at River Oaks, and Sapphire Condominiums.


A gracious welcome for your guests; unprecedented services for you.
24-hour concierge can take care of your every need
24-hour valet service exclusively for residents and their guests
Luxuriously appointed and furnished lobby
Secured access on high-speed elevators
Housekeeping, dry cleaning and laundry services
Lobby-level retail


First Floor
Is full of Retail / Restaurants

A higher level of technology.

Putting technology at your fingertips is something that happens quite literally at The Austonian. One touchscreen controls your home’s climate, lighting, telephone and security systems, even music and movies that you can enjoy in any room of your home. You can schedule when lights and climate control turn on to maximize safety, security and energy savings. The system will even alert you via email or phone if there seem to be any problems with your heating or cooling.

Your touchscreen is also a helpful interface to the world outside. You or your guests can notify the valet to get your car ready and receive an alert when it is at the curb; you can make reservations at many restaurants or check movie show times and purchase tickets. Be alerted when visitors have arrived, schedule housekeeping services and report maintenance concerns. Stay informed of Home Owners Association news. Reserve the spa, massage room, Austonian Club, conference room – all of The Austonian’s amenities.

You can also observe the inside and outside of your home anytime you want, from anywhere. In fact, all the systems of your home can be remotely monitored and controlled from any telephone, PDA or via the Internet. You can even use it to monitor a second home.

Your home is also pre-wired for stereo speakers in the master bed and bath, kitchen and balcony, with surround sound in the living room and high-definition video in the master bedroom and living room. Wiring for standard security systems is installed, and your entire home features both wired and wireless Internet access.

The Austonian. It’s high technology at its highest.



10th Floor Exterior Amenities – The Lawn
Enjoy 12,000 square feet of backyard with zero hours of upkeep.
75-foot pool with fountains and in-water sitting area
Hot tub
Spacious dog park
Reflecting pool
Private luxury cabanas complete with flat screen televisions
Promenade sundeck
Outdoor kitchens
Outdoor fireplaces
Sunset viewing terraces
Herb garden
Exquisite landscaping
Capitol and SOCO Views
Wireless internet

10th Floor: Interior
An extension of your home, available whenever you choose.
Catering kitchen
Theater screening room with seating for 12
Executive meeting room with seating for 12 and conference technology
Four guest suites available for your overnight visitors
Private spa treatment rooms
Billiard and game room
Pet Spa


Media Room
Where it’s always showtime.
Reserved from your in-home touch screen
RBH high-performance speakers
Parasound Surround Sound system, the choice of Lucasfilm and Pixar
Grand Cinema ceiling-mounted HD projector
Draper 133-inch HDTV viewing screen, ceiling-mounted and motorized
Leather stadium-style seating for 12
Wireless tablet provides theater and climate controls from your seat



55th Floor Austonian Club
Where you can host parties that rise above all others.
6,000 square feet of entertaining space available exclusively for residents and their guests
360 degree views
Full catering kitchen
Buffet and bar equipment
2,100 square feet of sheltered outdoor terrace
Flexible room configuration for large or intimate occasions
Luxury seating, tables and furnishings
Wireless internet



56th Floor Fitness Center
6,000 square feet of high-level fitness facilities on our highest floor.
Resort-quality fitness equipment:
Precor AMTs, ellipticals and treadmills
Body Masters Basix workout equipment
Fluid S-250 rowing machines
Keiser M3 exercise bikes
Stott Pilates equipment
Personal TVs on each cardio machine
360 degree views
Spa treatment rooms
Private studio for group fitness classes
Yoga room
Pilates and free weights areas
Men’s and women’s restrooms
Lounge area with beverage station
Personal trainers welcome



Additional Building Features
Subtle touches that make everyday life easier.
Gated parking services
Bicycle storage
Climate-controlled wine vault
Private storage spaces
Innovative acoustical engineering to enhance quiet
Automated refuse and recycling on each floor

Home Features
Hardwood floors
Marble baths
Limestone and marble countertops
Recessed lighting
Solar shades
Panoramic views
Inset balcony areas for wind protection and privacy

Finishes, Fixtures & Appliances
Scavolini™ Italian cabinetry in kitchen and baths
Waterworks™ bath fixtures
Dornbracht kitchen fixtures
Sub-Zero® refrigerators
Wolf® ranges
Miele dishwashers
Miele coffee systems

Green Features

Environmental Features
Green from the inside out. And the ground up.
From the way it’s constructed to the particular brand of luxurious living it affords, The Austonian is one of the most sustainable addresses in Austin. A long list of features has resulted in The Austonian seeking a four-star rating from the City of Austin in its Green Building Rating System, equivalent to the LEED Gold Rating from the USGBC.
Water savings.
It is estimated that The Austonian will save up to 37.6 million gallons of water each year in landscape watering alone, compared to a typical hill country community of 188 families living on one acre suburban lots. This is due not only to The Austonian community requiring little land, but also to its unique rainwater capture system, requiring no public water for landscape irrigation of the Lawn. Low-flow toilets, lavatories and shower heads are installed which will reduce the use of potable water by at least 30% over typical fixtures.


Less auto use.
The Austonian’s location puts dining, shopping, entertainment, employment and recreation within a five-minute walk, lowering the carbon footprint for every resident. Secured bicycle storage makes zero-fuel transportation an excellent option. Families in typical single family homes generate 10 vehicle trips per day. Urban living reduces the vehicle trips per day and shortens those daily vehicle trips that are needed.
Construction materials.
The Austonian residences have been designed to maximize outdoor views. Specially coated and insulated glass provides year-round energy savings and comfort by helping manage the sun’s energy and maximizing HVAC efficiency. All adhesives, sealants, paints and coatings used throughout public and private spaces adhere to the strict VOC requirements designed by the LEED’s Green Building Rating System. These low-emitting materials achieve energy savings through reduced ventilation requirements and improve indoor air quality and all come from sustainable sources. The Austonian’s roofing system combines reflective materials and other green features to minimize the building’s contribution to Austin’s urban heat island effect.


Electrical power.
Utilities are one area where saving the environment also means saving money. The Austonian has partnered with local “green power” provider, Austin Energy, to supply such efficiencies to residents. Sensors and dimming ballasts in select common areas reduce the amount of lighting used when they are unoccupied. The Austonian’s heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system operates using the Austin chilled water system, rather than using electricity and 188 or more individual HVAC units, each powering condensers and separate cooling systems. By using the chilled water system flowing under downtown Austin roadways, little energy is consumed to heat and cool The Austonian residences.


Daily Life
Austonian Personal Assistants are at work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Informed and professional staff can keep your home ready for you and your guests, simplify your daily life, and create experiences that reflect your individual style.
The team strives to deliver the services you need. Examples of commonly used services follow, but remember the team specializes in the uncommon. Need to put a dinner party together for unexpected guests or find that special anniversary gift? Tell the team of Austonian Personal Assistants what you need, and they will deliver.
The Austonian is the most technologically advanced residence in Austin. It’s been designed to make your life easier, but we understand it can get confusing and complicated. The AIT-360 is a comprehensive support service comprised of an elite staff of IT specialists addressing all facets of technology at The Austonian.
Spa and Fitness
The Austonian offers an array of spa and fitness services exclusive to residents and their invited guests.
Grocery Delivery, Nutrition,
and Meal Preparation
Realize your nutritional goals by making informed decisions about what you eat. Grocery delivery is available and includes offerings from local organic growers, artisanal cheese makers and grass-fed ranchers. Informed nutritionists are available for consulting and customized meal delivery can be arranged to meet your dietary needs. The Austonian features private catering kitchens available for professional use, making party preparation easy.

Vehicle Care
Owning a vehicle is made easy at The Austonian, with 24-hour parking specialists available to retrieve and park your vehicle. The Austonian offers additional vehicle-related services including car washes, maintenance delivery and more
Pets at The Austonian
Pets have a special place at The Austonian – their own secured park where they can get some exercise while you enjoy the 10th-story view of the capitol and downtown Austin. The lap of luxury doesn’t stop there for our four-legged friends. See our list of available services to pamper your pet and help make your life just a little bit easier.
Whether you are relaxing with a newspaper and enjoying the view of the Hill Country, planning a gala event or entertaining in a pinch, The Austonian team can help you create a signature experience that reflects your personal style.


More info

200 Congress Ave
Completion in 2010

– 56 Floors / 683 Feet
– 188 Units
– Units from 1,221 – 8,379 SF
– Unit Types: –

– Least Expensive Unit: $559,000 ($457/SF)
– Most Expensive Unit: $8,000,000+

– Concierge: Y
– Pool: Y
– Gym: Y
– Parking: Y
– 24-hour concierge and security services, 24-hour valet service, housekeeping, dry cleaning and laundry services, Lobby-level retail, Secure climate controlled wine storage, Billiard room, 4 Guest suites, Private spa treatment rooms, Screening room with seating for 12, Conference room, Swimming pool, fitness center.

Construction Information
– Completion in 2010
– Current Phase: Construction
– Zoning Status: Approved
– Budget: $200 Million
– Total SF: 850,000 (600,000 Residential)
– Cost / SF: $400
– Developer: Second Congress Ltd., an affiliate of Austin-based Benchmark Development
– Architects: –

Sales Information
– Sales Office: 300 West Sixth St.
– Broker: Moreland
– Phone: 512-623-3633
– Website:

Austin City Lofts

Another great building in Austin is the Austin City Lofts.  The Austin City Lofts is a 14 story high rise with 82 luxury loft homes.  The average loft size in the Austin City Lofts is 1700 square feet.  The First 4 floors are dedicated to retail and parking a residential lobby and management offices plus eight flats fronting Shoal Creek. then from floors 5 through 10 there are 54 flats with 12 foot ceilings. The last floors 11 through 14  include 20 two-story loft-style homes with 20-foot high ceilings.  All lofts have a view of either The State Capitol to the north or Town Lake to the south.

Austin City Lofts

“Individual homes feature spacious balconies, hardwood and exposed concrete floors, maple cabinetry, granite kitchen surfaces, superior appliance packages, and large bathrooms with granite countertops, oversized showers and whirlpool tubs. Building amenities include a pool and garden area, 24-hour security, and controlled-access parking.

Austin City Lofts, located on the Shoal Creek Greenbelt near the new Whole Foods flagship store, offers contemporary luxury loft residences.  Located on the northwest corner of West 5th Street and West Avenue,  Austin City Lofts is within two blocks of many retail and restaurant establishments, fashionable shops and boutiques. Immediately across Shoal Creek are restaurants, shops and a 12-screen movie theater. Nightlife opportunities abound just down the street and around the corner on Austin’s famous 6th Street. Homeowners also have immediate access to Austin’s urban parks via the Town Lake Hike and Bike trail.

Austin City Lofts

Not only does the development have direct access to Austin’s employment base, but also the City has identified this area as a desired urban residential neighborhood. An exceptional location amid high-end residential and retail, the Austin CBD, Shoal Creek and Town Lake gives this project a unique advantage not readily duplicated by competing projects. ”

Austin City Lofts features a private lap pool and spa, fire pit and communal cooking area, on-site secured parking, a porter and concierge service, Hill Country and Downtown views, and large private balconies.

Hilton Austin Hotel

As mentioned in the last post we will now write about the hotel that resides below the 5 Fifty Five residential units.  The Hilton Austin Hotel is an architectural work of beauty located just north of the Austin Convention Center.  The hotel is the Largest in Austin with 800 rooms.  The 31 story hotel has a 27,000 sq ft main ballroom, a 15,000 sq. ft. junior ballroom, and over 10,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Other amenities include two restaurants, a coffe shop and wine bar, health club, business center, outdoor swimming pool and spa.

Hilton Austin Hotel

Guest Accommodations

As a guest of the Hilton Austin you can experience comfort and elegance in every guest room with the new Hilton Serenity Collection of bedding. The Hilton Suite Dreams bed features a super-topper mattress pad to provide comfort support and luxury, while the 250-count European-style linens, non-allergenic down duvet and down pillows allow a wonderful slumber.

Beyond the bed, we offer new La Source bathroom amenities created exclusively for Hilton by Crabtree & Evelyn. Our rooms measure 350 square feet in size and include one king or two double beds, a chair with ottoman or loveseat and a spacious work desk.

You can stay in touch with two phones (each with 2 lines), voicemail and a data port offering wireless high-speed Internet service. We also offer the Hilton Family Exclusive alarm clock/radio with connection cable for personal MP3 player, portable CD player, laptop and other entertainment devices. Our Printer On service enables our guests to send print jobs from laptops in their guestrooms directly to the hotel’s 24-hr business center for pick-up at their convenience.

Additionally each of the guest rooms include a flat-screen television with Cable TV and pay movies, video games and premium channels, mini-bar, coffee maker, iron/ironing board and hair dryer. A complimentary USA Today newspaper is delivered to each room Monday – Friday. Our spacious and stylish guest rooms include all the necessities for an unforgettable stay

5 Fifty Five

5 fifty five residence

Another unique building in Austin, Texas The 5 Fifty Five is a residential building on top of a hotel.  The architecture is both contemporary and timeless.  First we will talk about the residential building and in the next article I will talk a little about the hotel.  The residents of the 5 Fifty Five live a truly luxurious lifestyle with the elite services and amenities offered.

5 fifty five kitchen

The 99 residential suites feature beautiful interiors, gourmet kitchens and the finest finishes. 

5 fifty five kitchen

The 5 Fifty Five offers the top 99 condo units above the downtown Hilton. The suites range in a variety of one-, two-, and three-bedroom designs ranging from approximately eight hundred to over five thousand square feet.  Private residence elevators and a separate resident parking garage area. The private resident lobby…spacious yet intimate, with striking finishes and plush, intimate seating. State-of-the-art concierge desk. The exclusive staff includes twenty-four hour lobby attendant, concierge, porter, hospitality officer, and housekeeping coordination. 

5 fifty five balcony

The properties offer fantastic panorama views of Town Lake & Hill Country.  Private balconies at every residence, floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows, dramatic, high ceilings, kitchens featuring maple cabinetry, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances with gas cooking, recessed lighting, elegant travertine stone bathrooms, hardwood floors.  The 5 Fifty Five is located on 5th St. across from the Austin Convention Center.

5 fifty five view

Austin 360 Condominiums Tower

Another great building we need to talk about from Austin, Texas is  The Austin 360 Condominiums Tower which as of this post is the Tallest building in Austin Texas and the tallest Residential Building in Texas.  This residential skyscraper is located at 360 Nueces Street, in Austin, Texas, United States of America.  The Austin 360 Condominiums Tower stands at 563 feet tall and contains 44 floors.  

 Austin 360 Condominiums

The residential units in the Austin 360 Condominiums Tower features a lighted glass spire facing Town Lake, street-level retail, large balconies for each unit, limestone accents at street level and decorative metal panels created by local Austin artists. Inside, each unit includes floor-to-ceiling glass walls, kitchens with granite and stainless steel finishes, tall ceiling heights, high-speed Internet access, TV monitors in elevators, 24-hour concierge services and a prominent lobby featuring a virtual art gallery that digitally displays art on lobby plasma screens.  The Austin 360 Condominiums Tower was completed on May 22nd, 2008 and was named Tallest building in Austin Texas as of June 2008 surpassing Frost Bank Tower.

Austin 360 Condominiums

Few Facts

The name “360” was inspired by Austin’s history of having “360” in the names of many things such as Loop 360, the Pennybacker Bridge, which is also known as the Loop 360 Bridge. The name was also given to the building for the 360 degree views that the building will have of downtown.

Austin 360 Condominiums

The building has 13,500 square feet of street level retail.

The building has a terrace level above the 17th floor at 174 feet 2 inches above the street. The podium level, which contains the swimming pool and sundeck above the 8th floor, will be 87 feet 6 inches above the street.

The building is the tallest all residential building in Texas, surpassing Mercantile Building in Dallas.

Austin 360 Condominiums

The final section of the spire was hoisted into place at 9:18 AM CST on January 15, 2008.

Surpassed the Frost Bank Tower to become the tallest building in Austin. The building is also one of only two in the city that is not on Congress Avenue to hold the title of tallest in the city.

Austin 360 Condominiums

The other was the Dobie Center.The 44-story, 432-unit glass tower in downtown Austin The Austin 360 Condominiums’ resort style amenity deck features a full-sized pool and an outdoor living room that includes a fireplace, cabanas and outdoor grills. An upscale fitness center includes advanced cardio equipment with West Austin views and a social center that includes a kitchen, Internet kiosks, and an entertainment area featuring plasma screen TVs and lush landscaping.


Austin 360 Condominiums



Companies involved in this Building*  
architect: Preston Partnership, LLC

Other firms: Novare Group, Andrews Urban LLC, J.E. Dunn Construction, Echelon Engineering, LLC, Jordan & Skala Engineers, Inc., Doucet & Associates, Terracon Consulting Engineers & Scientists, Prudential Life Insurance CO., Wachovia Bank.

Austin 360 Condominiums