Manchac Swamp bridge

The Third bridge in this series, also the Third longest bridge in the world, and the second longest bridge over water.  The briidge is located in Louisiana, USA,  with a length of 23 Miles it comes in right behind  Lake Pontchatrain Causeway at (23.87 mi) and Bang Na Expressway (33.51 mi). we do not have much info about this bridge and I don’t know how much steel was used in it’s construction but if we get this information I will post it here, feel free to comment if you have these numbers.

Manchac Swamp Bridge

Lake Pontchatrain Causeway

The Lake Pontchatrain Causeway

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

also known as the Causeway is the worlds second longest bridge at 23.87 miles behind the Bang Na Expressway (33.51 mi) , the Causeway is the longest bridge in the world over water as of this posting. 

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

The Lake Pontchatrain Causeway crosses over Lake Pontchartrain in southern Louisiana, USA.  The bridge connects Metairie, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans and Mandeville, Louisiana. 

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway air view

Although I don’t have the numbers on the amount of steel used in the building of this bridge I do know there are over 9000 concrete pillings supporting the bridge. 

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway overview

The The Lake Pontchatrain Causeway first opened in 1956 and was at that time a a two-lane span of 1/100th of a mile. bridges was expanded on and re opened on May 10th, 1969. This bridge is a toll bridge and always has been.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway draw bridge section

Bang Na Expressway

This is the first in our bridge series although a bridge is not the first thing you think of when you talk about Steel Buildings it is one of the first things you think about when you talk about Steel Structures, and although most bridges are not made mostly of steel, they almost all use a significant amount of steel, either as cables or more commonly steel used in reinforcing concrete ,with out the Steel most large structures today could not be possible, so lets start the Bridge Series with the Bang Na Expressway

Burapha Withi Expressway

 The Bang Na Expressway is a huge Conrete and Steel Bridge that streches 33.51 Miles to make it the longest Bridge in the world as of this posting.

Bangna Bangpakong Road

The Bang Na Expressway is also known as the Burapha Withi Expressway  this Bridge is located in Bankok , Thailand.

Bang Na Expressway

Althought we don’t have the exact amount of steel used on this job we do have some other info for you and pictures.

Structure Elements

Foundation of main line

Main Column

Portal Frame

D2/D3 and D6


  2. Dia800 mm (31.5″)
  3. 120 mm wall thickness
  4. wo sections welded
  5. 16 piles per pier
  6. PILE CAP,
  7. 2.5 m(8.2″) thickness
  8. Below the flow line


H – Shape, slender light appearance

Average height of 16 m (52.5’)


Burapha Withi Expressway portal frame


  1. Toll plazas, merging areas of the ramps
  2. Portal Frame with D2/D3 and D6 segments


  1. Two components connected by a turntable
  2. Launching girder with two main spans long
  3. Erection girder with two portal spans long

Bang Na Expressway h shaped dimensions

Bang Na Expressway under construction

Bang Na Expressway under construction

Bang Na Expressway under construction

Wembley Stadium

Table of contents for Stadiums

  1. Wembley Stadium

Today we will be take a look at Wembley Stadium a massive Concrete and Steel Building. 

Amount of steel used in the construction 25,000 short tons

Wembley Stadium

Amount of concrete used 90,000 m³

This is just in the structure of the stadium, this stadium has 90,000 seats all of which are under cover which makes this the stadium with the most seats under roof in the world.

There is 35 miles of heavy-duty power cables.

The stadium contains 2,618 toilets, more than any other venue in the world.

Inside Wembley Stadium

The stadium has a circumference of 0.6 miles

The total length of the escalators is ¼ mile

Wembley Stadium Night Shot

The 6,350 tonne roof covers an area of over (11 acres), four acres of which are movable and rise to 170 ft above the pitch.

The stadium is also the most expensive stadium ever built, roughly US$1.57 billion  at the time.

 The arch is 133 metres above the level of the external concourse.

Wembley Stadium view from Wembley Way

The rows of seating, if placed end to end, would stretch 32.31 miles.

The archway is the world’s longest unsupported roof structure.

At peak construction there were over 3,500 workers working on the stadium.

Wembley Stadium Sky View

Each of the two giant screens in new stadium is the size of 600 domestic television sets.

The Stadium opened to the public on March 17th 2007

Wembley Stadium Under Construction

It is owned by The Football Association (FA),  its primary use is for home games of the England national football team.

Crude Steel Production 2007

Monthly statistics for Crude Steel Production 2007

Click pictures to make larger

Crude Steel Production 2007 part 1

Crude Steel Production 2007 part 2

Crude Steel Production 2007 Part 3

Crude Steel Production 2007 Part 4

Brown Building

Another building from Austin, Texas that I would like to write about is The Brown Building a 10 story residential and office tower located at 710 Colorado St..  This building was completed in 1938 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.  The building was home to many significant companies throughout 20th century Austin, including the holding corporation for the Lyndon Johnson family.

The Texas Broadcasting Corporation operated from the building for many years around World War II, counting among its employees humorist Cactus Pryor and future governor John Connally.  A reserved garage parking spot is assigned to each loft. The secured Brown Building parking garage is attached to the building.  The building’s elegant lobby features Art Deco ornamentation with pink, green and yellow terrazzo floors and rose marble walls. To either side of the lobby are the Brown Bar and Gumbos restaurant. There is a small fitness center in the building solely for the use of residents.  It is a short walk to all that downtown Austin has to offer – including restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops, theatres, museums, Town Lake and many special events.

 The Brown Building Austin Texas



The state capital and downtown office buildings are also a short walk away. The University of Texas and other sites within or in close proximity to downtown Austin can also be reached by the free Capital Metro Dillo public transportation service.  The Brown building in the mid 1900’s was known as the Wall Street of Austin , it played host to the movers and shakers of Austin finance. Fortunes were made and lost in the elaborate art deco styled offices. This was where politics were practiced – with the gloves off. Now considered an historical site, the homeowners in The Brown Building reaps the additional benefit of a reduction in their real estate taxes. Sometimes it pays to get old. 

The building may be historic, but the amenities enjoyed by the residents are anything but antique. Starting with the designer kitchens with their custom mill work cabinetry and enhanced appliances and continuing to the roof top sun deck with spectacular skyline views, the Brown Building is the place to be. And if you don’t get enough exercise taking in the shopping and dining opportunities within walking distance of the front door, there is an exercise room in the building.

The Brown Building Austin Texas

If you decide it is time for a night out, you don’t even have to leave the building. Gumbo’s full service New Orleans style restaurant is located on the first floor of The Brown Building. After dinner you can enjoy a relaxing drink and a little entertainment in The Brown Bar – also on the first floor. It doesn’t get more convenient than this.

 The Brown Building has 90 units on 10 floors the building is 120 feet tall , units range from 638 – 2029 SF units are 1 and 2 bedrooms

TATA Steel to consolidate raw materials in an international firm

ET reported that TATA Steel is planning to form an international company for consolidating its raw material assets that are spread across the world and which could eventually be used to raise funds for future acquisitions.

Mr Koushik Chatterjee group CFO of TATA Steel said that “We will reorganize our group structure to unlock shareholder value over the next 6 to 12 months for growth in raw material assets and new market strategies. We are looking at an overseas group structure below TATA Steel to create the appetite for acquisitions. Since it would require capital, we are looking at various options.”

Mr B Muthuraman MD of TATA Steel said that “Ownership of raw materials and a continuous improvement in production has been the key to TATA Steel’s profitability. In fact we have believed in owning raw materials for the past 100 years.”

In addition to mining assets in India TATA Steel also owns raw material assets such as coal and limestone mines through joint ventures or completely, with the assets spread across countries such as Australia, Oman and Mozambique. brought to you from

Novolipetsk Steel won 2007 Best Russian Exporter

Novolipetsk Steel has won the 2007 Best Russian Exporter contest in the category of Ferrous Metals – Best Exporter in the Industry”. The award ceremony was held on  20 June, 2008 in Moscow. 

The contest was held by the Ministry of Industry and  Trade of the Russian Federation as part of the State Support Program of the Russian Federation Export Development. The winners were named based on consolidated export figures reported by the companies.   

In 2007 NLMK Group supplied its products to more than 80 countries across the world. Higher added value products supply increased by 5% compared to 2006, and their share of the sales structure amounted to 21%. These changes are in line with NLMK Group’s long-term strategy of targeting downstream product supplies. In particular, electrical steel sales volumes increased achieving 10% of the total volume in 2007. Strong demand in foreign markets fostered hot-rolled steel supplies, increasing their share to 19%. NLMK Group’s total export sales revenue amounted to USD 4,815 billion

MSL set to acquire Indonesian mining firm

ET reported that Maharashtra Seamless Limited is in the race to acquire an Indonesia based iron ore mining firm for around INR 300 crore. It is learnt that the Indonesian firm has iron ore reserves of close to 20 million tonne. If the deal goes through, Maharashtra Seamless would also establish a 1 million tonne steel plant close to the iron ore deposits in Indonesia with investments of up to INR 1,200 crore.

Company sources said that it would resort to internal accruals to fund the proposed steel project as well as the acquisition. As part of the backward integration initiatives, it had planned to set up its first steel plant in Orissa. However, if the deal with the mining firm goes through, the plant would instead come up in Indonesia considering the proximity to iron ore reserves.

According to the industry sources, the acquisition of the Indonesian iron ore mining company would help MSL meet iron ore requirements for its proposed steel plant. The steel plant, in turn, would serve as a raw material source for company’s seamless pipes and tubes business.

Maharashtra Seamless plans to add another 150,000 tonne by de bottlenecking the existing capacity of 3.5 million tonnes, located at Raigad in Maharashtra, with an additional investment of close to INR 100 crore. Presently, MSL supplies wide range of pipes and tubes to various domestic industries, primarily oil and gas, for exploration activities. brought to you from

ArcelorMittal announced JV in China

ArcelorMittal the largest Steel producer in the world announced on Friday that they would launch a flat carbon steel JV partnership with Hunan Valin Group and Hunan Valin Steel.   Hunan Valin Steel will own 34 percent in the new joint venture while ArcelorMittal and Hunan Valin Group will each have a 33 percent stake.   This new joint venture will have an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tonnes of flat carbon steel, that will be used mostly for automotive applications.  Products will include cold rolled steel, galvannealed steel and pure zinc galvanized steel.