Its 2008 and oil prices are at there highest in history, the world is finally realizing after years of prices rising that oil is limited and that we need to figure out an alternative to oil. Well the government has been tooting corn and soy beans as alternative crops to make bio diesel. Mean while that is not cost effective all it is doing is rising the price of food around the world.  personally in the research I have done the government needs to forget corn and soy beans as a bio fuel alternative and spend all there efforts on Algae. Ok now that I said that lets get back to the point every where you look these days things are looking bad that is for the average Joe. 

      Steel is no different in fact it has probably risen more in price then most everything else in the last 6 months Certain steel products have more then doubled, that means worse news for the bank account and higher prices for things like Autos.  Normally I wouldn’t be so opinionated but it is something that needs to be said, so I will put in my 2 cents again and say maybe the US should pull out of a war they should never have gotten into in the first place and start spending all that lost wasted money on renewable energies. With all that has been spent on the war to date the US could have been created enough renewable energies that the US would literally need no more oil imports. This alone would bring prices down in the US and would have kept the US in a boom economy for many years to come.  Imagine lower cost at the pumps, lower electricity cost and all the money staying in the country and not being spent over sea’s would be enough to lower cost world wide for gas, steel, food , transportation and much more.  Just my 2 cents don’t listen to me I am just writing.