6th October Bridge

update: the information on the 6th October Bridge below had it as the 10th longest bridge in the world when it was first posted.  But over the years there has been a lot of new bridges being built which makes this bridge as of this update  on December  27th, 2019 it is now the 35th longest bridge in the world.

Once the 10th longest bridge in the world.  The 6th October Bridge in Cairo, Egypt.  The bridge is 12.74 miles long, connection part of the city highway to the Cairo International Airport.  The people of Cairo call this bridge, the spinal cord of Cairo because half the city travels on it daily.  The bridge is usually crowded due to everyone using it and can take as long as 45 minutes to cross when traffic is heavy.  The bridge was under construction for 30 years and was finally finnished in 1996.

6th October Bridge

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6th October Bridge

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