This site was created mostly for informational purposes, to talk about all the spectacular architectural designs that have been created over the years around the world, the most amazing structures in the world, The Tallest buildings in the world, most beautiful, most famous, most visited, most symmetrical Buildings and structures in the world.

Sometimes we will go off topic and talk about related stories about architecture & engineering or about the stages involved in the building process.  We will also talk about the different materials,  not only steel, but concrete, cement, aluminum, and just anything related to the comple process that was involved in the building of the greatest structres and buildings the world has ever seen.

We may also write about different metal buildings, or the different types of steel even the process and or origins (history) of stainless steel, galvanized steel, tungsten steel, corten steel and carbon steel.

we may talk about steel prices. and other construction material prices.

Different uses for steel and other building materials.

Difference between US Steel, China Steel, Indian Steel Mexico steel etc..

Realy just anything that comes to mind.

If you like our site share the stories that interest you.   If you have a suggestion let us know.  If you would like to write or tell us about a project you are or were involded in please contact us if any of the information on this site is not upto date or correct let us know.

If your interested in advertising feel free to contact us as well.

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