Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

The 7th bridge on our list is the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge all though I do not have much information about this bridge nor do I know how much steel was used on this bridge.

below the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

If anyone has information to add please comment so we can add information.  This is what we do know as of this posting Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is the 7th longest bridge in the world and the 6th longest over water. The bridge is located in Louisiana, USA and carries interstate 10 over the Atchafalaya Basin the bridge has a total length of 96,095 feet or 18.2 miles long.


Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

Just like other bridges in the series as of now nov. 2019 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge has lost it's place in the top 10, in fact it has gone from the 7th longest bridge in the world all the way down to the 19th place.  It is the 3rd bridge from the state of Louisiana.  The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge was renamed in 1989 to Louisiana Airbone Memorial Bridge.  The bridge boast multiple cameras mounted through out the bridge viewable by the public.

Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

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Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

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