Donghai Bridge

The Donghai Bridge is the second longest cross-sea bridge and the 6th longest bridge in the world.

Donghai Bridge

The bridge was the longest cross-sea bridge in the world for a few years until  Hangzhou Bay Bridge was opened on May 1st, 2008.


Donghai Bridge

Has droped in the list to the 16th place on the list of the longest bridges in the world at the time of writing this in nov. 2019 and is the third bridge on the list from china.

Donghai Bridge

The Donghai Bridge (simplified Chinese: 东海大桥; traditional Chinese: 東海大橋; pinyin: Dōnghǎi Dàqiáo; literally "East Sea Grand Bridge") was completed on December 10th, 2005 and has a total length of 20.19 miles it connects Yangshan deep-water port and Shanghai in China.

Donghai Bridge

The majority of the bridge is low-level viaduct but there are also cable-stayed sections to allow large ships passage.

Donghai Bridge

Not sure how much steel was used in the construction of this bridge, but as always if I get these figures I will post them or if you have them feel free to comment so everyone can know.

Donghai Bridge under construction

Unrelated but could be of interest to you is the Donghai Bridge Wind Farm which is in the deep port producing 102 Mega Wats of offshore wind power that powers upto 200,000 homes, on july 6th 2010 it started pumping out power from these wind turbines and sent to the mainland grid to make it chinas first offshore wind farm.

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Donghai Bridge

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