Hangzhou Bay Bridge

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the worlds 4th longest bridge 3rd longest over water bridge and the worlds longest Trans-oceanic bridge at 22.17 miles long . 

 Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Construction on this bridge started on June 8th, 2003 and was completed on June 14th, 2007.  The opening ceremony was on June 26th, 2007 even though the bridge was not officially open to the public until May 1st, 2008. This is as of this posting the longest bridge in China and was built to last at least 100 years. 

UPDATE:  Hangzhou Bay Bridge is no longer the 4th longest bridge in the world, as of today nov. 2019 it is now 13th it has droped 9 spots over the last 10-11 years due mostly to chinas rapid infrastructure growth over the same period.   China holds 6 of the top 10 longest bridges in the world, Hangzhou Bay Bridge has many bridges under construction that will soon be added to our list of worlds longest bridges.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge side view

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a bridge with cable-stayed bridge portions across the Hangzhou Bay off the east coast of china.  The bridge was built in an s shape so that the annual silver dragon is minimally affected. The bridge has two main spans a 1,470 ft northern span and a 1,043 ft southern span.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge Air View

The bridge has 6 express lanes in two directions. The speed limit is 62 miles per hour.   Orthotropic steel deck is used on its main spans and five ramp bridges, and was paved with 50 millimeters (2.0 in) epoxy asphalt concrete. 

 Hangzhou Bay Bridge before completion

The bridge uses different colors and flashing lights to keep drivers from getting drowsy and pay attention to the road instead.  Previously the trip from Ningbo to Shanghai and southern Jiangsu involved a detour of around 400 km (249 mi), the bridge reduces that distance to 80 km (50 mi), a reduction of 320 km (199 mi).

Hangzhou Bay Bridge under construction

The result is that Ningbo, with its port at Beilun, will be able to compete with Shanghai’s port Pudong for international sea freight.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge under construction

This is just one of the investments China has made in it’s transportation infrastructure in the past few years.  

hangzhou bay bridge overview

The bridge is expected to boost tourism in Ningbo.  Again I do not have the figures on how much steel was used in the construction of this bridge but if you get it I will post it,  and as always if you have this information feel free to comment.

Under the Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridgewas built in the Qiantang River and Yangtze River Deltas and Hangzhou Bay.   This is actually the first bridge in the series that is a Steel Structure, most bridges use concrete piles to support the bridges deck.  In the case of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge steel piles were choosen bec of therstrength and corrosion resistance to help keep the bridge safe in the rough enviroment that it was built.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge experience earthquakes, extremely high winds in typhoon season and some of the highest tidal bore forces in the world.  Because of the extremely difficult working conditions by using Steel piles it made the job of building the bridge eaisier, waves see waves of upto 25 feet tall on a regular basis.

Over a decade there were almost 600 experts designing the Hangzhou Bay Bridge to come up with the way to construct the bridge in these harsh conditions, much of the bridge was built on land and the transported to the area of construction.

There is no doubt that the Hangzhou Bay Bridge was one of the most difficult bridge in the world to built.


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Hangzhou Bay Bridge

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