Samsung Wafer Plant, Austin

Another building from Austin, Texas that needs to be talked about is the new Samsung Wafer Plant, not only is it larger then 9 football fields, it is also that Samsung committed over $3.5 billion for the project, making it the largest single foreign investment in Texas and one of the largest in the United States. 

Samsung Wafer Plant in Austin

This new plant manufactures NAND flash memory chips, which are widely used in a host of consumer- related products, such as MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras, and other mobile devices.  This is the largest semiconductor fab in Austin, Texas.

Samsung Wafer Plant in Austin

The old Samsung Wafer Plant will still produce Dram, is about half the size and with the two plants combined they will pay out to employees of Austin Texas Approximately $100 million a year which is $estimated $40 million more then before the new plant opened.  This was done on a down turn in the Economy around the United States , Yet in Austin seems like The economy is as good or better then ever.

Samsung Wafer Plant in Austin

Here you can see the new Austin , Texas  Samsung Wafer Plant under construction here you see steel rebar and concrete.

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Samsung Wafer Plant, Austin

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