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Wembley Stadium

Today we will be take a look at Wembley Stadium a massive Concrete and Steel Building. 

Amount of steel used in the construction 25,000 short tons

Wembley Stadium

Amount of concrete used 90,000 m³

This is just in the structure of the stadium, this stadium has 90,000 seats all of which are under cover which makes this the stadium with the most seats under roof in the world.

There is 35 miles of heavy-duty power cables.

The stadium contains 2,618 toilets, more than any other venue in the world.

Inside Wembley Stadium

The stadium has a circumference of 0.6 miles

The total length of the escalators is ¼ mile

Wembley Stadium Night Shot

The 6,350 tonne roof covers an area of over (11 acres), four acres of which are movable and rise to 170 ft above the pitch.

The stadium is also the most expensive stadium ever built, roughly US$1.57 billion  at the time.

 The arch is 133 metres above the level of the external concourse.

Wembley Stadium view from Wembley Way

The rows of seating, if placed end to end, would stretch 32.31 miles.

The archway is the world’s longest unsupported roof structure.

At peak construction there were over 3,500 workers working on the stadium.

Wembley Stadium Sky View

Each of the two giant screens in new stadium is the size of 600 domestic television sets.

The Stadium opened to the public on March 17th 2007

Wembley Stadium Under Construction

It is owned by The Football Association (FA),  its primary use is for home games of the England national football team.

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