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Beijing Grand Bridge

The 5th bridge on the list is another railway viaduct in China no surprise there right.  There is very little information about the bridge but here is what we know.  The name of the bridge is Beijing Grand Bridge it is 29.921 miles long or 48.153 kilometers, it is located in Beijing, China and is part of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway it was completed in 2010 like the others on this line but not opened until 2011, and as you can guess it is one of the longest bridge's in the world the longest span of this bridge is 144 feet.

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Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge

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12th on the list of this bridge series is also in China and is also a viaduct for high speed rail.   Seems like these days China is king when it comes to bridges although this is not a bridge with a highway it is still a bridge and the 5th longest in the world currently coming in at 49.5 miles, 79,732 m (261,588 ft) approximately 80 kilometers.

The Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge (渭南渭河特大桥) is a part of the Zhengzhou–Xi'an High-Speed Railway which connects Zhengzhou and Xi'an, in China.  The bridge crosses the Wei River twice, as well as many other rivers, highways and railways.  This bridge was once the longest bridge in the world but not for long, as the other two new bridges on Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway that completed in 2010.  The bridge was completed in 2008 but the railway line itself did not open until February 6, 2010

Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge 1

The bridge or high speed railway employed over 10,000 people and used 45,000 tons of steel and a whopping 2.3 million cubic meters of concrete make this a very impressive bridge.

Weinan Weihe Grand Bridge 2

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Tianjin Grand Bridge

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The Tianjin bridge is the 11th on the list of longest bridges on the planet and is built in China and comes in at a whopping 70.6 miles or 113.7 kilometers which at this moment, it is the third longest bridge in the world.  The Tianjin Grand Bridge is another railway viaduct bridge.  This long bridge connects Langfang and Qingxian on another high speed railway, the length of the bridge in feet is 373,000 and in meters 113,700.   This bridge has small suspended portions with the remaining long portions being regular beam bridges.

Tianjin Grand Bridge 3

This high speed railway is an elevated track that was completed in 2011 cost a whopping $20 billion us dollars, the bridge stretches over 34 miles of the Pearl River Delta and has a tunnel of 4 miles long connecting two artificial islands. The structure type is a Grinder Bridge


Tianjin Grand Bridge 4

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Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

This new series will be on the longest bridges in the world, as of today July 13th 2011.  Again when you think of steel buildings most people think high rises, warehouse's, sheds, steel homes ect.,  you're not thinking about bridges, but this site is more then just about steel buildings, it is about buildings and structures rather it be steel, concrete, glass, wiring ect.  if we find it interesting, and think that you will as well, we will write about it. in any case almost every bridge is a steel structure or has steel in them,  in the form of cables, rebar, or the actual skeleton of the bridge or frame if you will, is made from steel so they do fit this site's theme

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge 5

Ok so lets talk about the first bridge in this series Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge this bridge is for rail traffic in fact it is for one of chinas fast rails or bullet trains just proves they are definitly series about high speed rail in china. 

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge is 102.4 miles long or 164.8 kilometres it is a rail viaduct located on the line between Shanghai and Nanjing in East China’s Jiangsu province, part of the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway.

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge 6

In June 2011 it was added to the Guinness World Records as the longest bridge in the world. The bridge was completed in 2010 but was not opened until 2011.  It includes a 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) long bridge over water that crosses Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou.

To answer everyone that is wondering how much concrete and steel was used on this bridge . that will have to come in the future as I do not have that info.  Longest span 80 metres (260 ft).  The construction of the bridge took 4 years and had a labor force of 10,000 workers at a cost of $8.5 Billion U.S. dollars.

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge 7

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