The Independent

This 209 meter (683 ft) high hunk of steel called The Independent is as of this posting on December 28th 2019 the tallest building in Austin, Texas. This residential building was added to Austin's skyline in 2019 beating the Austonian by 1 floor and 1 meter approximately which has been open since 2010 .

The Independent 1
Credits: Austin Monthly Magazine

The Independent broke ground on January 2016 and the structural material that holds up this beast is Steel and Concrete, with a modernism architectural style. The Independent is located on West Avenue with a zip code of 78703 and has a total of 58 floors above ground with a total of 370 apartments with a total area of 950,001 square feet, and has been nick named the Jenga Tower or Tetris Tower due to its shape.

Many residents of Austin don't actually appreciate the design at the top of The Independent but it actually has purpose it is a water tank used to dampen the sway of the building which is quite ingenious

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The Independent

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